Steve my mind is blown! So good!!!  I can't say enough how stoked I am u put so much in to this... So rare that a first time colab is so nailed.  It is a remarkable job you've done.  thanks again!

Steve Bays (Hot Hot Heat, Mounties, Fur Trade) March 16, 2015

Verge Music Labs is vibe-city, perfect for capturing everything from organic hang-out indie rock jams to pounding electronica. Steve is a scientist of sound and knows the room and gear like the back of his hand, capturing great sounds really quickly. As a producer, I've brought many projects through Verge, and the bands all have great things to say about the studio experience. A+++, highly recommended!

Devon Lougheed Multi-instrumentalist | Producer (Smashing Satellites, Hey Ocean!, Sydney York) March 18, 2015